Art Tutors

Glyn Smith

Glyn is a local artist who has been tutoring art students nearby in La Creuse during the last three years, with great success.

He has lived in France for 6 years but originally hails from Yorkshire where he studied at Sheffield Art College for 3 years at Foundation level. He then spent 18 years living in St Ives in Cornwall, where he worked, and created many art works which he sold locally. He was very much a part of the art culture there.

He enjoys guiding and encouraging artists of all levels, to help build good solid skills that will allow the artist to develop their own expression in art. Drawing and pointillism are Glyn’s own skills, however he says that he gets much more personal enjoyment from helping others find their own talents and capabilities in art.

You will find Glyn’s tuition very relaxed and friendly, and most likely you will find that your fellow course students become keen supporters and friends with a common aim.

Glyn’s aim is to ensure that you enjoy yourself on your course, and gain both confidence and increased skill levels.

Feedback from Glyn’s previous art students:

I joined the art class a few months ago and was very anxious as I have never had painting lessons before and I knew my skills were very basic I didn’t need to worry as Glyn made me a very welcome member of the group.
The lessons are very enjoyable and with his encouragement I have learnt a lot of drawing / painting techniques, I have found that he has a great talent to teach all abilities at the same time .

Kim T. (Dec 2017)

I’ve been attending Glyn’s art classes for nearly 12 months. I began as a complete novice, and have very much appreciated his thorough, professional approach, teaching us first how to look at and draw subjects, before moving on to colour and paint. We have learned about and practised various techniques, and his patient, encouraging approach has enabled me to make progress that I wouldn’t have believed possible a year ago. Thanks to Glyn’s guidance, I have completed work that I am proud of, and work that has even been exhibited.

Sue C. (Dec 2017)

I’ve been attending Glyn’s art classes for almost a year now and what a difference he has made, not only to my ability, but more importantly to my confidence.
The last time I picked up a pencil or tried to draw anything was in 1961 when attempting Art GCE – which I did pass with a big push from my tutor. It seems that Glyn has picked up where she left off – giving much advice, guidance and encouragement.
From my first lesson with Glyn when he suggested that I, and some of the other students, use a grid system to acquire proportion and perspective skills, I have progressed to not needing grids or rulers and can draw freehand. He has encouraged us to spread our wings so to speak and to try many aspects pointillism, cubism, stylised images and using graphite and rubbers to create snow scenes. We are helped to develop our own style and preferences whilst also prompted to try and emulate the images of others, just to have a go.
I certainly advocate Glyn’s method of teaching – he allows every student to develop at their own pace and to find their capabilities. He pushes those capabilities further with encouragement and praise but nothing is rushed, students are nudged to keep going and the results will give pleasure, and many times surprise, from both pupils and tutor.

Pat L. (Dec 2017)

Glyn is able to tune into an individuals level of ability quickly. This means he also see’s one’s weak spots too. He has an encouraging manner that ignites peoples confidence in what they are capable of achieving. Coupled with his down to earth sense of humour, lessons with Glyn are always a pleasant and a most worthwhile experience.

Janet C. (Dec 2017)