Our Haute Vienne

Our area, known as the Haute Vienne, is as it says on the tin, situated above the River Vienne. It is the extremely pretty, unspoiled terrain that is home to ‘La Traverse’ and ‘Vue de ValléeChambres d’hôtes. Every corner you turn in this area you are faced with another little lake, a gentle meadow lined with hedgerows or a quaint old village with its church, market place, boulangerie and perhaps a few tables out on the pavement enticing you to stop for a cup of something nice.


As residents of the Haute Vienne we are constantly delighted by it as an off the beaten track destination. It offers gentle landscapes and pace of life to the more dramatic breathtaking, refreshing vistas across the hills and forests framing the most glorious sunrises and sunsets. This region is really the last area of France to be ‘discovered’ and it has been labelled ‘Hidden France’.


It is an ideal spot for painters, budding chefs or folk that are just looking for peaceful reflection.

There’s plenty to see and do in the Haute Vienne and surrounding area. For more information visit our The Limousin Region page.